Poem: Foamy Memories by Mark Tulin

Lovers walking hip to hip,
barefoot and dreamy,
taking pictures
with heart-shaped hands.

Lovers cuddle on the sand,
warmed by the sun
while watching the tides
roll out and in.

Lovers silently promising
with lips soft and sincere
to remain in love
as their world keeps turning.

Lovers collecting seashells
that wash up onto the shore
like foamy memories,
each one transcends
the other.

Author, poet, short story writer from Santa Barbara, California. I write about a variety of topics, from my early childhood in Philadelphia, to my years as a family therapist, and finally to my soul-searching present in California. These are narratives that may have a humorous or serious content or both. Either way, I hope my poetry and stories resonate with you.

10 comments on “Poem: Foamy Memories by Mark Tulin

  1. Lovely poem of images of love.

  2. Beautiful imagery of a beautiful setting for love to flourish

  3. blindzanygirl

    Beautiful memories

  4. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Come read a super post from Mark!!

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