The Cubicle, a Poem by Mark Tulin

The cubicle gets smaller over the years
as I decorate it like a pseudo home
with my children’s pictures, fake flowers
and cute little trinkets.

The air quality makes me sneeze
and aggravates my allergies,
passing one virus to another
between unassuming co-workers.

My boredom bounces off room dividers
and makes my swivel chair squeak.
The cubicle gets smaller over the years
while my desktop gets larger
with added responsibilities.

Life moves far too fast
and before I know it,
my kids are all grown.
I’m in the thirty-year club
and receive a gold-plated watch
for all my miseries.

I am an author, poet, humorist, and short story writer from Palm Springs, California. I write about various topics, from my early childhood in Philadelphia to my years as a family therapist and finally to my soul-searching in California. These are poetic narratives that may have humorous or serious content or both. Either way, I hope my poetry and stories resonate with you.

32 comments on “The Cubicle, a Poem by Mark Tulin

  1. Brilliant writing… You summed it all up, right here! 😊

  2. This is written so well that I could picturize it all in my head. Also I just started working at an office a couple months ago. I can relate to the stress.

    Do visit my blog to checkout some of my poems 😊

  3. I am so very glad to be retired. Away from the rat race and all things miserable. It was a long time coming, but so glad I have lived long enough to enjoy it!

  4. Totally reminiscent of my days in an office cubicle, so true x

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  6. this is so beautifully sad…………….cube farms are so difficult to “live” in. love the last two lines!

  7. I can relate to living in cubicle land. Enjoyed this!

  8. As my dear sister says “what a hoot!” And oh how it accurately describes my 30 years here at work! Thank you so much for putting it into such a humorous viewpoint. I had to share it with my fellow team members as I know they’ll “get it”.

    • Theresa, just visited Alice’s friends at her old job and all their decorated cubicles. That little space clearly had an effect on me. 🙂🙂

      • Well, I had a fun response from one of my girlfriends here, Mark. She says “And it’s not my imagination, my cubicle actually did get smaller! LOL”. This is because of the re-arrangement that happened here not too long ago. Ugh!

      • Funny!! Probably your watch will get smaller too.

  9. You surely nailed this Mark!!! So true, so sad! Can’t wait to share this with followers!! Bravo, My Friend!!!

  10. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    If you’ve ever worked in a cubicle – READ THIS

  11. “a gold-plated watch
    for all my miseries.” I found it funny!
    Beautiful poem describing the pathos of life 👌

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