Crow Friday Poem: Quiet of the Park

Previously posted in the Virtual Library (Now called Pencliff)

I drift off in the quiet of the park where the rustling leaves keep me company.

I smell the meat on the burning wood of a fire pit.

I used to be hungry, now I just curl up in sleep.

Sounds of car tires spin on asphalt, peddling boys on bicycles churn their spindly legs,

traffic lights change from green to yellow to red for all eternity, long after I’m gone.

There’s a coo from a pigeon, a squawk from an agitated crow.

In the distance, I see a turkey vulture tearing up a defenseless squirrel.

I feel the loss of all the people I know.

The cycle continues with or without them, I guess.

The mushrooming gray clouds in the dusk hover over me like a warm quilted blanket

and at this moment, I feel safe.

This patch of grass is where I sleep.


The Runt by Mark Tulin

Also appears in Virtual Library.

When I was a selfish little runt,

it was all about me.

It didn’t matter who I insulted,

what person I bothered.

Because I denied the fact

that I could make people cry.

I denied that I could do

an innocent person harm.

Now looking back,

those hurtful memories

return to me

like a smack in the face,

a boot in the ass.

It is my turn to feel the pain

from a selfish little runt

whose words burn in time.


Flash Fiction Link: Imported from Spain

When Miles arrived at work, the office staff greeted him with funny looks, some were either giggling or bent over in laughter. He checked the fly of his pants, rubbed his mouth thinking that a part of the donut was stuck to his beard.

Excerpt from Imported from Spain on Friday Flash Fiction (Longer Stories).

Poem: Where Did Time Go

A slightly different version published inVirtual Library.

I walk down the street

looking at my reflection

in each car window.

I see a wrinkled face,

a bent-over body

and wonder if that’s

really me.

It was just a few short years ago

I walked on the same block,

looked in similar car windows

and saw a young girl in shorts

with long flowing hair

and a bounce in her gait.