Poem: Bessie and Billy

A different version of this poem on Pencliff

Bessie the Cow’s son, Billy

moved out of the meadow

on Wednesday.

No longer a calf

he grew tired

of the hassle

from an overprotective


She kept harping

on where’s the best grass

and staying upright

and not being tipped over.

Now Billy grazes in peace

on a hill of his choosing

where he’s free

to make Moo-Moo and Whoopee

with a hefty and fertile

young Jersey,

a grass-fed bovine

named Daisy.


Flash Fiction Link: Yoji by Mark Tulin

I made a screeching U-turn and headed into the parking lot of the pet store. I browsed the cat section for a few minutes. They all looked so cute, especially a sleek Russian Blue with silky gray fur. He looked at me with his green eyes, making an instant connection.

Excerpt from Yoji (click Yoji) by Mark Tulin on Friday Flash Fiction (longer stories).

Flash Fiction Link: Old Sneaker on a Broom Handleb

I fall asleep to the automobile tires spinning on asphalt, the screeching birds overhead, the peddling boys on bicycles churning their spindly legs, and the traffic lights changing from green to yellow to red.

Excerpt from Old Sneaker on a Broom Handle by Mark Tulin appearing in Friday Flash Fiction.

Short Story Link: The Santa Paula Sunshine by Mark Tulin


“This isn’t Arizona, Morrie,” Jaina said. “This is Santa Paula, California. Now take off your jacket and have a seat. The nurse should be here soon to check on you. She’ll be mad if she sees you walking around like a crazy man.”

Excerpt from The Santa Paula Sunshine in the July 2018 issue (Page 7) of The Blotter Magazine