About the Crow

First time in Santa Barbara
First time in Santa Barbara
Taking pictures of the surf and sun in the Mesa.
Taking pictures of the surf and sun in the Mesa.
I finally made it to DisneyLand
I finally made it to Disneyland

Why did I name this blog, Crow on the Wire?

l had a long lapse of creative inactivity. Six years ago I took a big risk–sold my house, left a good job and packed a few things in my Prius (including my pretty girlfriend, eventually to become my wife). I moved from cold Philadelphia to sunny Santa Barbara via a five-day road trip. Here my creative voice has slowly come back. The creative muse was also triggered by the band of crows that gathered outside my Santa Barbara apartment at 5:30 a.m. every morning. Many people would view these sturdy blackbirds as an annoyance, but I instantly took them as a blessing. They sat in the trees and on the utility wires and perked my curiosity.

I believed that the crows were there for me in a symbolic way. They wanted me to wake up to the world and not go through life sleepwalking with a boring job and daily routine. It was the crows that made me want to explore the world from a unique perspective.

The crows seem to have a more interesting perspective of life than we do–from the treetops, from the roofs of houses, and the utility lines.

My creative voice is the evidence of my existence on this planet.  Enjoy my poetry stories, and pictures. Comment as much as you like.   Peace from the wire, Mark.

For more on my connection to crows, read my article, Meditation on Crow, in the elephant journal.

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Important Note: all pictures, poems, and stories are the property of Mark Tulin and cannot be used without his consent.

22 thoughts on “About the Crow

  1. sir,
    would you like to become Co-Author of our site POETRY PASSION.
    since you have huge collection of your poems,so thats y I am asking you.
    I shall be thankful if you accept the request

      1. As an author you will be able to publish and edit your own posts as well as upload media on POETRY PASSION in your own style & as many times as you want


      2. yes,it will be same as posting on your own blog
        just send me your e-mail id I will send you in invitation mail to join as Author of site poetry passion

  2. Mark, it intrigues me how the crows became the symbolic bird that told you to get on with it.
    Start being creative again.
    As you know Eagle, Falcon, hawk and other birds play similar roles in other belief systems.
    E.g. Native Americans.

    1. i didn’t know that about the other birds. The crows were really the first to greet me once i arrived in California. Something about them resonated in me. Perhaps I was a crow in a prior life.

  3. I really enjoyed your transition story. Crows are very unique and make a very grating sound. Perhaps they are, like we, trying to let everyone know they too exist and want to be recognized.

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