Poetry from Mark Tulin and Diana Rosen—Poetry Super Highway

Poetry from Mark Tulin (Santa Barbara, California) and Diana Rosen (Los Angeles, California)

My Poem: The Fate of a Ringed Finger
— Read on poetrysuperhighway.com/psh/poetry-from-mark-tulin-and-diana-rosen/

40 comments on “Poetry from Mark Tulin and Diana Rosen—Poetry Super Highway

  1. I like the interplay of movie, fantasy, and real life in your poem.

  2. Nice one. when I was younger that was a ‘dream’, ‘nightmare’ I often had. 😄

  3. Wow, Mark!! What an awesome post!!! Really Brilliant!! Your lines spotlight exactly what I wonder about – How two people madly in love end up divorced and often hating each other and using their children as pawns!!

    Really loved your lines:
    the spirit of a senseless marriage took over
    by the fate of a ringed finger.

    All our romantic expectations,
    our hopes, and dreams,
    our bright future together,
    ending up in misery.

    Love the title!!
    Bravo Mark!!!

  4. Hey Mark, loved this poem
    As you enjoy writing poems, will you please enter my poetry competition,

    Click on the link above…..
    It’s a really great competition!!

  5. its definetly not there…….

  6. Well done, Mark!

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