Poem: Life’s Ordinary Beauty by Mark Tulin


They say if you touch the petal
of a flower,
it heats your soul. 
It makes the sparrows of imagination
hover around you. 

You’ll become tireless
in your appreciation of the world
while everyone else
grows weary. 

Your heart will flutter
to the subtle magic of a poem,
your voice will sing
once forgotten melodies. 
You’ll be curious
about the simple
and make the difficult easy. 

So compelling
does life become,
you’ll want to see
its ordinary beauty
over again. 

I am an author, poet, humorist, and short story writer from Palm Springs, California. I write about various topics, from my early childhood in Philadelphia to my years as a family therapist and finally to my soul-searching in California. These are poetic narratives that may have humorous or serious content or both. Either way, I hope my poetry and stories resonate with you.

56 comments on “Poem: Life’s Ordinary Beauty by Mark Tulin

  1. How lovely! I really like this one. I may be biased, though, because it matches my mood of late. I’m adjusting to the slower pace of tranquility and getting more time to focus on that everyday ordinary beauty.

  2. Love this one!! ❤

  3. We sometimes forget how simple moments can reach so deep, make the bitter sweet! ease a troubled mind, bring harmony to difficult times. Thanks for reminding me we all need it from time to time.

  4. So lovely. Can’t describe but felt some sort of inner PEACE the moment I read it. Many thanks for this post.

  5. parikhit dutta

    Oh the beauty of simplicity! Indeed in our fast-paced lives we forget the little joyous things around us. May be it’s time to stop and reflect 🙂

  6. Wow what a beauty in your beautiful words, Mark. I loved its composition.

  7. Such a beautiful thought!

  8. Beautiful. I love seeing the beauty and wonder in the simple things. How I sit and watch a robin hunting it’s prey or the wild bunnies kicking their heels and laying out in the yard or the way the leaves turn and follow the movements of the sun or a thousand other little moments.

    • There’s always some aspect of nature that gets our attention. I always stop when I see a bird of paradise or a California quail with her babies. 🙏🏻🙂

      • I LOVE the quail!!! Unfortunately we don’t have them in Alaska. But when I lived in Washington, I just loved them so much.

      • They’re very skittish. A see them every now and then and they always have the little ones with them.

      • Right! They are just so cute!
        (PS: this month I’ve been writing poetry using other blogs taglines or titles as my writing prompt and today was Crow on the Wire, should you so desire to see that…. no worries if you don’t ☺️)

      • sure. that sound cool.

  9. Truly truthful beautiful

  10. Lovely poem; I especially enjoyed the first verse. I’m going to find a flower to touch although it might be a challenge on this rainy almost-winter day.

  11. So true. Life’s ordinary beauty is the best and most fulfilling (and free) entertainment available!

  12. to the subtle magic of a poem,
    your voice will sing……. great picture and poetry. love all.

  13. Beautiful simple elegant subtle soft and I enjoyed reading it a lot. Thanks. If you have time do visit my poem Here

  14. Definitely makes you appreciate the little things. Thanks for sharing! I am a Creative Life Coach and have a poetry blog in case you have time to read? http://www.peacockpoetryblog.wordpress.com and I am also on Instagram as #coachingcreatively, let’s follow each other if you use this medium? Have a good day? Sam 🙂

  15. What a beautiful poem! It makes me want to find a flower, and we just had four inches of snow.

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  17. I came back to read this one again…magical! 🙂

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