Crow Friday: Hangin’ on the Eastside

Hangin’ on the Eastside

Of a Mexican neighborhood.

I’m just chillin’ by the library,

Across from the corner store.

When it’s sunny, I could see

The mountains from here.

I could see the marine layer

Moving slowly across the sky

Like a magic carpet ride.

One day I’m just goin’ to hop on it

Ride it to where it goes,

Relax my overworked wings,

Float over the canyon below.

And when the mist descends

I’ll circle,  glide and return

Back to my neighborhood

Where there’s plenty of crow

And enough food and twigs

To go around.

Crow Friday: On the Fence

Leaning back then forth

My talons grip the wood

My wings oiled and prepared

Should I stay or fly

I guess I’ll know

Or not know

If I need coaxing

Or persuading one way

Or convinced to do the other

When the wind blows right

When the stars are aligned

When I tire of straddling

My journey will resume

My movements will follow

In one quick instant

Or not.

Tuesday’s Picture: Hairy Marilyn

Hairy Marilyn, Miss Monroe

you can’t hide from me

with your fake beard 

and those Buddy Holly  glasses.

I know that blown cocktail dress

over the subway grate

flying above your waist

that panty shot 

for the world to see.

Even if you’re just a cardboard

cutout, a freak, a beauty

in a Rocket Fizz candy store

my jaw still drops

I ogle at you anyway.