Poem: Image is Everything by Mark Tulin

A reflection of life
through distorted mirrors
and bloated faces,
musclebound bodies
that barely fit into their inflated egos.

Rugrats and narcissists,
six packs and rock hard lats,
pumping and jerking,
squatting and deadlifting,
masters of the stairs
but amateurs on the ground.

Superman and Wonder Woman,
a club full of wannabes
admiring their bulging pride,
underestimating their real strengths,
the power they have inside.

Only fools yearn for perfection
in a gym of the unattainable,
deafening, sweat-pouring spinning,
cross-fit to the ultimate extreme,
a mindless performance-enhancing
steroid dream.

22 comments on “Poem: Image is Everything by Mark Tulin

  1. “…a mindless performance-enhancing 
    steroid dream” I love how this ends with a note of desperation. Just as people resort to using steroids as a means of shortcut to avoid wasting time, real life becomes daunting for those who have not an ounce of patience in their disposition. The title ‘Image is Everything’ holds true considering the current scenario. This is a very well thought-out poem, kudos to you!

  2. Mark,your poem is very good as it relentlessly pours forth the admiration of body shape
    and muscles whilst forgetting the real power that resides inside – given a chance.


  3. parikhitdutta

    This is so well written! Agreed the need for the perfect bodies only feeds the ego and the real power inside is suppressed under layers of muscle!

  4. I guess it’s where I’m at, but that line “Only fools yearn for perfection” oh yes indeed, but I wish for an end to perfectionism in general.

  5. They say an “image” can replace a thousand (1,000) words. Today for some you still need to say a few words to tell them what the “image” is all about. 📸

  6. Bravo, My Friend!! So well done!!!

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