22 thoughts on “Confession Sunday: Happy Baby

  1. A friend, who did yoga told me that it’s actually a normal occurrence when you practice yoga. So, you’re probably not the first who did this.

      1. I would feel the same I guess. But I’m sure they would understand as they also do yoga, maybe it also happened to them before, just don’t want to admit. He he 🌻

  2. It has happened to me too. In those poses you can’t control it. I think in this situation, it is not considered impolite. Simply appreciate the benefits. : )

  3. And it takes a brave man to admit it when it happens. I always hope it’s quiet enough not to be noticed, but not necessary during a yoga class. It happens when I’m in my Zumba class or on the treadmill. When you gotta, you just gotta! LOL! 🙂

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