Crow Tuesday: Catching a Glimpse

Multitasking and running on autopilot,

my mind gets caught between gears,

up a snowy incline, down a slick road,

bubble gum stuck to my soles.

Sometimes I lose track

of the years that just passed,

muted in life’s frantic pace,

moments that race by like speeding trains.

But when I take time to stay, to open my eyes in quiet,

I catch a glimpse of the palm trees, feel the fresh breeze

and experience the changing skies.

Liquid Mind by Mark Tulin

Liquid Poetry
The mind like water

Fluid, flowing
Peaceful, dynamic
Strong yet still
An ocean of thoughts
Connecting without gripping
Blending and mixing
Receiving without judging
Evaporating into the atmosphere.

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Crow Friday: Crow Yogi

Picture Poetry with a crow bent.

I dream of being a yoga teacher

Teaching a class full of black birds

Starting with the mountain pose 

And working our way into a bind–

Where we wrap our wings 

Around our back in reverse namaste 

While standing on one leg

Breathing deeply from the inside

Of the back of our throat

Tongue on the roof of the mouth

Belly to the back feather

Sphincter squeezed tight in mula bandha 

While closing our eyes to darkness

And seeing the light within.