Crow Friday Poem: Speaking or Not


I listen first.

I speak out
when I’m ready.

I won’t be forced
to talk
against my will
or take advice
from a person 
who really doesn’t know.

I will talk
in my own voice,
in due time,
by my actions
or inactions,
just with my eyes
or with my hands,

whether with words
or a furrowed brow,
a nod of the head,
chest bumps or fist pumps,
smiles with a thumbs-up sign.

I know
that speaking or not speaking
is my choice.

Confession Sunday: Should-ing

I beware the self-righteous,

those pedestal dwellers,

who should me to death.

As if they know

what I need to do

or how to run my life.

you should do this

you should do that

you should get married

you should buy a house

you should go to church

you should eat more vegetables

stop should-ing me,

should-ing others.