Poem: Dogs in Cars by Mark Tulin

Dogs in cars
with sad faces.
Hot, suffocating breath—
Forever panting their agony.

paws on the steering wheel,
chewed up Kleenex boxes,
scratched up seat covers.
Just the owner’s scent remains.

Poor dogs,
looking so lonely,
unable to freely walk,
to sniff the fresh air,
separated from the world
by thick sheets of glass
and automobile metal.

Your howls are muffled,
unheard by your owner,
oblivious to your pain
while he buys frozen taquitos
and a quart of vanilla ice-cream.


Author, poet, short story writer from Santa Barbara, California. I write about a variety of topics, from my early childhood in Philadelphia, to my years as a family therapist, and finally to my soul-searching present in California. These are narratives that may have a humorous or serious content or both. Either way, I hope my poetry and stories resonate with you.

15 comments on “Poem: Dogs in Cars by Mark Tulin

  1. Now I ll feel bad every time I ll be transporting the dogs😳

  2. If you have a phone call the police, than take pictures of the animals and the person’s license plate, just in case they take off before the police get there. 📷🐾🐾🐾

  3. Oh my gosh 😟 well written..

  4. I feel so bad for leaving my dog in the car while doing grocery shopping.😥

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