Tuesday’s Picture: Hairy Marilyn

Hairy Marilyn, Miss Monroe

you can’t hide from me

with your fake beard 

and those Buddy Holly  glasses.

I know that blown cocktail dress

over the subway grate

flying above your waist

that panty shot 

for the world to see.

Even if you’re just a cardboard

cutout, a freak, a beauty

in a Rocket Fizz candy store

my jaw still drops

I ogle at you anyway.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Picture: Hairy Marilyn

  1. I like this original tribute to Marilyn. Even with that strange beard and glasses on her beauty cannot be hidden from us all. I think she was special, she had inner and outer beauty. While she usually played the typical dumb objectified woman she was intelligent at the same time. Very nice poem

      1. Agreed. What I meant is she often played roles just as if she were that kind of dumb woman, which she obvioulsy wasn’t. That is very difficult to do and is one of the reasons why she was a brilliant actress, I think. Her voice singing was beautiful even though some people criticised it for being too soft and low. That was precisely her gift. She was enchanting in all she did: inner and outer beauty. No wonder men had/have dropping jaws. She will always be special in all our memories. So sad she took her life. She could have continued as a mature actress and singer. Look at Meryl Streep, for instance, totally different actress, but isn’t she awesome?

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