Tuesday’s Picture: Bound with Hope

My whole life is bound to the chair

But I still sing and play a guitar

I still say hello to people who pass by

I still face each morning with hope

My life may be bound to this chair

But I don’t let the straps hold me back

Powered by a 12 volt battery

I throttle my movement with grace and passion 

My chair has become a part of me like a protective brother, like a loyal sister

All that I own and care about is securely attached

Even with my life stuck in neutral, head forever cocked to the side, a catheter bag full of urine, palsy crippling the muscles in my body

I still find meaning

I still find a reason to play.

Crow Friday: Careful Now

Don’t worry I’ll be careful

I’ll look straight ahead

I won’t touch this transformer

Of man made power and energy

Because I’ve learned from my brothers

I’ve watched my sisters

Get burnt, sizzled to the bone

For I know the wisdom

I’ve experienced the history

Of this treacherous utility pole.