Crow Tuesday: Catching a Glimpse

Multitasking and running on autopilot,

my mind gets caught between gears,

up a snowy incline, down a slick road,

bubble gum stuck to my soles.

Sometimes I lose track

of the years that just passed,

muted in life’s frantic pace,

moments that race by like speeding trains.

But when I take time to stay, to open my eyes in quiet,

I catch a glimpse of the palm trees, feel the fresh breeze

and experience the changing skies.

Tuesday’s Picture: Question from the Sand

He writes a raw question in the sand 

That packs a wallop and a punch

And makes us wonder who we really are.  

Don’t worry about the spelling

Or the upper and the lower case mix

Don’t worry that he’s homeless 

And needs some change or cash. 

Just read the damn question 

And be honest with yourself 

It’s a question everyone should ask.