Distorted Terrain by Mark Tulin

Previously appeared on Pencliff.

held hostage in the backseat of my dysfunctional family

surrounded by borderlines
and controlling geeks

keep calm, I would say to myself
you could get through this

year after year
shattered windows, holes in the walls

they don’t know any better
but I do, I’m aware

just play their game
and let them have the wheel

let them think
I’m a part of their insanity
so they don’t call me a freak

as we travel in our metaphorical van
moody woods
and distorted terrain,
I offer to drive.


Flash Fiction Link: Detox


There was silence. My dad felt lower than any point in his life, even worse than the day my mother walked out on him. His shiny bald head reflected the harsh ceiling light; his blue eyes sparkled with tears. He knew that the bottle was destroying him from the inside out. He also knew that I was giving him an opportunity to get sober.

Excerpt from Detox.  Read Detox on Friday Flash Fiction.