Distorted Terrain by Mark Tulin

Previously appeared on Pencliff.

held hostage in the backseat of my dysfunctional family

surrounded by borderlines
and controlling geeks

keep calm, I would say to myself
you could get through this

year after year
shattered windows, holes in the walls

they don’t know any better
but I do, I’m aware

just play their game
and let them have the wheel

let them think
I’m a part of their insanity
so they don’t call me a freak

as we travel in our metaphorical van
moody woods
and distorted terrain,
I offer to drive.


5 thoughts on “Distorted Terrain by Mark Tulin

  1. Very impacting and catharctic poem, so emotionally intense. I like it very much. A shattered mirror of a family. Also, I like the change from “hostage in the backseat” of the “metaphorical van”to the final offering to drive, from spectator of the show to actor of life. In a way, the van stands symbolically for life itself with just one person in that shattered family who can take the reigns of it despite the dysfunction. Love the artwork too. Is this also your creation?

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