Poem: Graduation

At your graduation,
I clapped
when your name
was called.
I remembered
how proud I was to
receive that rolled-up
diploma written in Gothic font.

I collected
a family of sheepskins,
thought it would bring happiness,
all it got me were
luxury cars,
tacky designer clothes
and a bigger and bigger house
to store all my vanity in.

It was all a vicious delusion,
society’s definition of success,
a hamster’s spinning wheel.

I was tired of the endless grind,
the need to impress, to sell myself,
so I stopped appeasing it.

I began a journey of humility
and simplified my life.
I re-evaluated adulthood
and where I wanted to go.
I found it without searching,
without the need to acquire more.


15 thoughts on “Poem: Graduation

  1. Mark, I am so taken with the whole poem. Beautifully written and so honest to what so often
    happen to us. I so share your feeling and your third stanza says it so strongly.

    The journey when you leave this ” hamster’s spinning wheel” is so much more exciting and also
    gives true satisfaction.
    Thank you

  2. I never hopped on that wheel, but my adult son is currently on it. I pray for him to find the desire to simply stop; only then can the room settle into focus, the dizziness within come to a calm.

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