Crow Friday Poem: Reflection


When I was a little boy
I looked out my bedroom
window when it rained,
snowed, or when the
sun rose.

I waited by the window
to see if my friends
were playing outside
and if springtime
had arrived.

I looked out the window
so much
that my image
is still embedded
in the pane of glass.

21 thoughts on “Crow Friday Poem: Reflection

      1. The sense of powerless waiting but it might be because I kind of see myself in a way,but,also,I used the wrong word maybe”melancholic”rather then sad is suits better and I also precise that don’t give melancholy a negative meaning.😊
        It’s just I had a clear vision with this one,it captured me in many ways.

      2. Yes, thank you. Melancholy is the way I see the boy too. Some loneliness is mixed in with his waiting. The powerlessness comes from his lack of control in what goes on outside his window. Thanks for your input. 🙂😎

  1. This one reaches deep inside of me… I shared a window with my siblings as we all grew in turn to get the bedroom with the view and then taking our turn standing and watching to same fern tree, cats walk the back wall, smile at our parents watering the garden and dream our dreams or contemplate our what ifs…now one of us is gone and the window hold more love than I ever imagined possible ♥️

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