Tuesday’s Picture: The Kingly Elephant made of Sand


Sand sculpture next to Stearn’s Wharf in Santa Barbara, CA by an anonymous homeless person.

My creation sits near the pier, just below the briny boardwalk

of Stearns Wharf, adjacent to the transient with no fingers or toes.

Come closer, don’t be afraid, analyze my sandy King, my masterpiece,

tell me what you think, what vibe it brings as I hide behind the dunes.

It’s there for you, for only you, to admire and photograph,

shower me, rich tourists, with gold coins in the mouth of the elephant

whose trunk  wraps around it’s body like a diamond-studded cobra

for warmth and protection, a mother nursing its calf, that rose

from the beach’s core, teeth like fencing and stones that boarder.

Don’t worry, boys and girls, it’s not a monster, it won’t bite,

it’s a deity for you to transform and worship,

if you choose.




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