Poem: Calm, Foggy Ocean

I like the calm, foggy ocean
where the anchored boats
seem to linger.

I enjoy an afternoon
of staying in bed,
gazing out the window
and feeling the earth rotate
around the sun.

I relish the time
when everyone is gone
and I get to spend alone time
at a downtown cafe.

I yearn for the day
when I have no work to do,
no chores or errands to run.
When I can just be.

I like the quiet
because I can hear
the sound of my inner voice
guiding me.

Liquid Mind by Mark Tulin

Liquid Poetry
The mind like water

Fluid, flowing
Peaceful, dynamic
Strong yet still
An ocean of thoughts
Connecting without gripping
Blending and mixing
Receiving without judging
Evaporating into the atmosphere.

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