Hubpages: The Worst Choke Job in Baseball History by Mark Tulin

A creative nonfiction story about one of my biggest childhood disappointments.

Read The Worst Choke Job in Baseball History.

“Euphoria turned to anxiety. Even local kid TV celebrities like Sally Starr, Chief Halftown, and Gene London were concerned by the Phillies’ late-season swoon. And soon, there was no more talk about buying world series tickets. Instead, random people in stores and supermarkets said how the Phillies sucked and that it was stupid to believe in them.”–Mark Tulin

I am an author, poet, humorist, and short story writer from Palm Springs, California. I write about various topics, from my early childhood in Philadelphia to my years as a family therapist and finally to my soul-searching in California. These are poetic narratives that may have humorous or serious content or both. Either way, I hope my poetry and stories resonate with you.

4 comments on “Hubpages: The Worst Choke Job in Baseball History by Mark Tulin

  1. I remember them! Still popular in Philly when I was young.

  2. Theresa

    Ah yes, just the way I felt the years the Dodgers didn’t make it to the Series. I feel your pain.

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