Poem: Stability with Ease by Mark Tulin

Losing My Religion by REM
was playing inside my head
in a four-by-five-foot stall
of a Friendly’s Restaurant.

A good song to contemplate
the moment, the prehistoric
etchings on the tile wall.

To clear my thoughts,
eliminate unwanted feelings
and other obstructive
things that I digested
earlier in the day.

With my pants to my knees,
I seek stability with ease
on a sturdy ceramic seat
that could support
my uncertain nature.

In the flush of a spiraling sea,
I am grateful for the loaded spool
and the privacy I need.

9 comments on “Poem: Stability with Ease by Mark Tulin

  1. Love “uncertain nature” … nicely done!

  2. Love “uncertain nature,” nicely done.

  3. parikhitdutta

    Now every time in the loo I’ll think of Losing my Religion! 😀

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