Poem: Double Espresso by Mark Tulin

Jesus with sunglasses
walked into my favorite cafe
with his disciples

He wore Levi’s,
the slim kind,
and black untied
Doc Martens

He ordered a double
to maintain his healing

He put a palm
on someone’s head
He raised a herbal tea
drinker from the dead

He gave a couple of dollars
to a disheveled beggar
with bare feet

Money does not make
the man,
one of his disciples said

Money corrupts the good, as the
barista gave the beggar some banana bread

Jesus put down his espresso,
kissed a random cappuccino drinker,
took a washcloth
and scrubbed her
gnarled yoga feet

Is that really Jesus,
asked a doubting Thomas
with a vanilla iced latte

Or was he just being a good Samaritan,
a dude with a double espresso. 



6 comments on “Poem: Double Espresso by Mark Tulin

  1. What beautiful imagination

  2. Nice! I suddenly remember my low cut Doc Martens.

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