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YouTube Video Poem: Vinyl on Sunset by Mark Tulin

For the print version of this poem and commentary, check out my LetterPile article called Poetic Flashback: Vinyl on Sunset.

For more of Mark’s YouTube video poems that include The Rainbow Queens, I Am Van Gogh, Matinee at the Castor, and others go to YouTube and search Mark Tulin’s Poems.

10 comments on “YouTube Video Poem: Vinyl on Sunset by Mark Tulin

  1. This is incredible. You have the perfect voice for this. Have you done others?

    • Thanks, Robbie. Yes, several others. See Mark Tulin on YouTube. The Glen Plaid Suit, South Mountain, and several others. check them out. 🙂

  2. Far out! Lovely words a well made poem.

  3. !973 was some memorable year for me. your poem hit a chord I just have not heard lately. The chord of peace and love. Thanks for stopping by Poemattic and thanks for your post.

  4. very nice… i really like your blog…

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