Magical Yogis


If you take a hike from the top of the mountain

and follow the spiraling mist downhill

you’ll come across an ancient watering hole

where the magical yogis appear.


They live among the tall bulbous mushrooms

that surround the clear pristine waters

Sun glistening off their ancient faces

prism light bouncing off flowers and stones.


This is the home of the magical yogis

where they can be seen doing slow vinyasa

gracefully moving bodies, hearts to the sky

bellies undulating, firing up in pranayama.


Slender acrobatic female yogis

wiry bald white-bearded yogis

doing backbends and wheels

Magical yogis as solid as the trees.


They are the ghosts of yogis past

coming out when the wistful spirit moves them

Magical, mystical Kundalini yogis

showing bystanders their cosmic elasticity

and vanishing before their eyes.


For more on another magical yogi, check out What if Jesus were a Yogi?


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