Crow Tuesday: Catching a Glimpse

Multitasking and running on autopilot,

my mind gets caught between gears,

up a snowy incline, down a slick road,

bubble gum stuck to my soles.

Sometimes I lose track

of the years that just passed,

muted in life’s frantic pace,

moments that race by like speeding trains.

But when I take time to stay, to open my eyes in quiet,

I catch a glimpse of the palm trees, feel the fresh breeze

and experience the changing skies.

Bold Typeface Lips

Bold Typeface Lips

When I pick up a copy of your hardcover
Making sure the dust cover is intact
I gently open your pages
Discovering the inside of you
Smelling the new and freshly bound
Turning each page carefully, not to bend
As I caress your spine in my arms
Plant a kiss on your sexy end paper
Another one on your bold typeface lips
Saying I love you in Garamond font
And promising I’ll never read
Another softcover edition again.

Tuesday’s Picture: Crow Caroling

I know some of you don’t like crows, but I encourage you to look at their strength, resourcefulness and beauty. They are survivors and very well might survive us on this planet because they work so well together.