Short Story Link: The Santa Paula Sunshine by Mark Tulin


“This isn’t Arizona, Morrie,” Jaina said. “This is Santa Paula, California. Now take off your jacket and have a seat. The nurse should be here soon to check on you. She’ll be mad if she sees you walking around like a crazy man.”

Excerpt from The Santa Paula Sunshine in the July 2018 issue (Page 7) of The Blotter Magazine

On The Porch


On a quiet night,

the old man

smokes a stogie

sitting on the porch.

He can only watch

the little beetles

with lanterns

light up the sky.

Now he knows better,

he doesn’t chase

after them,

collect fireflies

in Mason jars.

He doesn’t pull

their wings apart,

curious about how

they glimmer and fly.

He knows that

their blinking bulbs

are temporary

as his life,

the fading light

that glows.