Crow Tuesday: Ushering in a Dream

I want to hear the symphony

for free,

to see the rock stars

glitter up close.

I want to look at your ticket

like I’m reading your palm,

predict who you’ll marry,

what future you’ll find.

I want to shine a flashlight

without disturbing others,

without stepping on toes,

without spilling a drink.

I want to be an usher

that tells everyone where to sit,

that knows the theatre

like a seaman

knows his ship.

Tuesday’s Picture: Nasal Strips

The buzz of the fan,

the hum of the air-cleaner

plays in the night

as the two of us sleep,

each with a nose strip

stuck to the bridge

opening up nostrils,

enabling the air flow

to pass through our bristly sinuses.

But the snoring

never stops, it aggravates:

snorting, gasping, gurgling

like two warthogs

being raucous

in the moonlight.