YouTube Poems


Writer’s Paradise A video poem that speaks to a perfect environment from which to write.

South Mountain  A homage to a sleepy little town (Santa Paula) in the Central Coast of California from a mountain’s perspective.

Big Tree in Santa Barbara A tribute to one of the biggest Moreton Bay fig trees in the world.

The Colors of Therapy. A video poem about the process of change from beginning to end.

Heroes of the Burning Fields.  A tribute to the Hotshots whose bravery is beyond compare.

I Only Want People to Look at Me.  A poem that hopefully changes your vow of the homeless.

Four Tea Poems. Poems to drink tea by.

The Poetry King. When fantasy meets reality or when a fan meets his hero.

The Glen Plaid Suit.  When a Bar Mitzvah Suit meets a disgruntled teen.

Vinyl on Sunset.  Deja Vu at a retro record store.

The Rainbow Queens. Ode to the bird of paradise.

I Am Van Gogh.  A poetic tribute to one of my favorite artists.

Board with Wings.  Ode to the surfboard.


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