I Learned to get Unstuck by Allowing the Waves to Swallow me Whole  is a story about how a young boy and his aunt managed to cope with the realities of their  existence.

Crazy Grandpa is a story that was published in podcast form on Creative Writers Outloud.  It is about a relationship between a grandfather and his grandson that takes some unusual twists and turns.

Check out five poems of mine about death, loss, surfing and hamburgers  on the e-magazine FIVE.

The Bully is a story about a bully imposter who puts up a good act in order to live up to an imaginary reputation.

Check out this coming of age piece about a young male’s first sexual experience in Atlantic City, Weekend at Chelsea.

In Room Full of Strangers, a young man finds his dying father in the midst of a group of religious people who attempt to proselytize him.

In The One Yoga Class I Couldn’t Miss, I show how yoga helped me to cope with the loss of my mother.

Finding My Father, in Dual Coast Magazine, is a short story about how a special forrest in Northern California revitalized one man’s soul.

In Dreams Begin Nightmares is a story idea I borrowed from Delmore Shwartz but with a family therapist slant.

A young boy’s love of baseball and his neighborhood friends didn’t change with one bad pitch in Dark Clouds Over Baseball.

In what felt like a fictional place, I describe my yogic transformation in My 16 Days of Yoga.

And in Meditation on Crow, I wake up to the life-awakening sound of crows each morning.