Fiction, Poems and Podcasts

I Learned to get Unstuck by Allowing the Waves to Swallow Me Whole is a story about how a young boy and his aunt managed to cope with the realities of their existence.

Crazy Grandpa is a story that was published in podcast form on Creative Writers Outloud.  It is about a relationship between a grandfather and his grandson that takes some unusual twists and turns.

The Bully is a story about a bully imposter who puts up a good act to live up to the spurious reputation.

Check out this coming of age piece about a young male’s first sexual experience in Atlantic City, Weekend at Chelsea.

In Room Full of Strangers, a young man finds his dying father in the midst of a group of religious people who attempt to proselytize him.

In The One Yoga Class I Couldn’t Miss, I show how yoga helped me to cope with the loss of my mother.

Finding My Father, in Dual Coast Magazine, is a short story about how a particular forest in Northern California revitalized one man’s soul.

In Dreams Begin Nightmares is a story idea I borrowed from Delmore Schwartz but with a family therapist slant.

In what felt like a fictional place, I describe my yogic transformation in My 16 Days of Yoga.

And in Meditation on Crow, I wake up to the life-awakening sound of crows each morning.

Road Trip to Vegas Is a narrative poem on elephant journal about how I came out a winner in love at Las Vegas.

Thank You, Brian Wilson is a poem about Brian and his amazing Beach Boys following a recent concert that I attended at the Santa Barbara Bowl.

There’s no better combination than cheesecake and ganja, but on this day…check out my short story, The Psychedelic Basement, on Fiction on the Web.

I only Want People to Look at Me is a poem that I wrote in elephant journal. It speaks of our reluctance to connect with the homeless who we often see every day.

Santiago on Percussion is an edgy but humorous story about a bongo player that is split between quitting his band or tolerating their pot-smoking obsession.

Viva la Fiesta, a poem about Fiesta Days in Santa Barbara. First appeared in elephant journal—9/17/17.

Wheeling Backwards: What it’s like to Roll in a Wheelchair. Posted on Sivana East Blog. A poem about having empathy for those people with disabilities.

I have two poems in Degenerates: Voices for Peace (Homeless Edition).  This magazine is a must-read for those who love poetry and interested in social justice issues.

Far Worse Things than Waiting first appeared in Sivana East Blog.  A poem about learning how to wait gracefully.

Poster Boy appears in Friday Flash Fiction (12/17).  A daughter helps her father deal with the emotional pain of the Holocaust.

Friday Flash Fiction.  Check this site for my weekly flash fiction under “longer stories.” The stories include The Poster Boy, The Procedure, Dream Sage, and many more.

I have two poems in Degenerates for Peace, the Mental Illness addition. Read: Pass the Cake and Therapist Disease.

Aging not so gracefully.   The Santa Paula Sunshine in the July 2018 issue (Page 7) of The Blotter Magazine.

An older man’s blurry experience at Costco.  like a surreal Salvador Dali painting. May 30, 2018, on

A story about a city boy’s conflict with the rich life in The Cabinet of Heed.  Weekend in the Suburbs – Mark Tulin   

The literary podcast, Other People’s Flowers, featured one of my short stories. To listen to the podcast, please click Weekend in the Suburbs. This story was first published in the online journal, The Cabinet of Heed.


These are just a sampling of my published work, please see my posts for regular updates.