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YouTube Poem: Ticket to Escondido by Mark Tulin


For the print version and commentary to “Ticket to Escondido” visit LetterPile.com.

I am an author, poet, humorist, and short story writer from Palm Springs, California. I write about various topics, from my early childhood in Philadelphia to my years as a family therapist and finally to my soul-searching in California. These are poetic narratives that may have humorous or serious content or both. Either way, I hope my poetry and stories resonate with you.

6 comments on “YouTube Poem: Ticket to Escondido by Mark Tulin

  1. What a lively yarn! I can see the whole thing (at least, the scenes inside the train, not the scenery) in my head, great! Sounds like he never find his land legs. He might’ve at least switched from Michelob to Night Train.

  2. Very nice, MT

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