Fate’s Dirty Trick by Mark Tulin

She almost found her place,
a piece of the pie, her salvation;
almost grabbed the victory ring
that would have brought her
lasting peace.

She was that close,
her retirement ducks in a row,
having earned her laborious reward,
a home down south,
a pension for life.

She would have a fresh start,
a new and rejuvenated soul.
She’d leave her dreadful city of birth
that spoiled her formative years,
hardened her heart,
and caused so many scars.

But at the exact moment,
no more, no less—
Fate, karma, the scheming universe
played a dirty trick.
She passed away quietly
in the cancer ward
with much regret.

Originally posted in Literary Yard.

I am an author, poet, humorist, and short story writer from Palm Springs, California. I write about various topics, from my early childhood in Philadelphia to my years as a family therapist and finally to my soul-searching in California. These are poetic narratives that may have humorous or serious content or both. Either way, I hope my poetry and stories resonate with you.

50 comments on “Fate’s Dirty Trick by Mark Tulin

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh God! This really gets to me.

  2. I was afraid the poem was going to end where it did. Fate can be very cruel, with cancer being one of the cruelest fates of all.

  3. Oh my goodness….I did not see that coming. I suspected a sad end but not a “dead” ending.

  4. well that is an intensely sad poem.

  5. You have the capacity to make one reflect on life!

  6. Fate has a way of having the last word, unfortunately…

  7. Awesome post, Mark!! Fate is totally fickle!! Reminds me of someone my wife knew of who retired Friday, had a party and went jogging on Saturday morning and dropped dead from a heart attack. Not even 24 hours!! Life doesn’t seem fair sometimes, does it???

  8. Happens to so many.. do what you want today! Right?

  9. Powerfully sad, Mark, but well written. A good reflection for us to ponder on how we treat each day. I believe they are a “present” and to be enjoyed in the moment. As the word “present” reflects, the day is a gift from God for us to enjoy. You are truly blessed in your writing skills, Mark.

  10. It makes me wonder how many people really do end up “resting in peace.” This was very emotional, Mark.

    • Makes me wonder too, Susi. Perhaps their souls are working through their mistakes and misfortunes.

      • Or they blew their chance when they had it.

      • Yeah, still sad though. 😟

      • Oh, definitely! I didn’t mean to minimize that fact at all!

      • No worries. We all have a shot at making it right. I wish we had more opportunities. Thanks for your comments, Susi. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

      • Agreed, Mark! 🙂

      • Very much so! That’s why it takes some souls longer to reach their destination. Ask those who have received messages from them.

      • What’s your experiences with them, Theresa? Interesting topic

      • I’ve only had dreams that involve family members who have passed on. They’re usually very faint. But you may want to ask Alice about hers. She’s more in tune with them than I am.

        But especially after their passing, you can feel a bit of a disturbance in the spiritual realm, as if they’re not happy they left. I had a small sense when I found out about my ex-husband’s passing. He and I never had a chance to “close” out before we went our separate ways. I pray for him daily, hoping that I’ll have that opportunity when I go my “Way” and that he’ll be there. After all, he was the first “real” love of my life.

      • That’s nice, Theresa. Hopefully when you two meet up, he’ll be healed and the issues you had won’t get in the way. ☮️☮️🙏🏻

      • Thank you, Mark! That’s so comforting. It’s been 5 years already. I’m hoping I had some small influence in Clay’s life. I want to hear my Creator say, “Welcome to your rest, my good and faithful Servant.” because I did what I could to lead him to the Lord.

      • I find it fascinating how everyone’s spirituality is different, some more intense than others. I wonder if our spirituality is our true essence. 🙂

      • It has to be! It reminds us that we are under Our Creator’s care and how much He truly Loves us and forgives us our wrongs. Some just don’t realize it until too late…but others have enough of a glimpse to seek Him out and hopefully, prayerfully receive that Salvation. As Believers, I feel that it is our duty to provide that “glimpse” to those around us who need it most. Clay did, but couldn’t show his appreciation during his life with me. I pray that he will have that opportunity.

      • I’m not just talking about a creator, Theresa. That’s your perspective of spirituality. Others have a different version and perhaps equally as valid. What people believe is real to them, no matter what spiritual take. When we’re open to all, we can begin to accept and heal. 😊

      • Well put, Mark! Thank you for that perspective. Sometimes I get to be too “preachy” and I need to be careful. I have no intention of that, but grateful to be able to “voice” my viewpoint. Thanks again! And especially since this has been a bit of a “Healing Moment” for me. I’ve been a bit “down” and this has “released” it. You are ministering! Love it! 🙂 ❤

      • Thank you, Theresa for being open. Nice hearing your points of view as always. 😊👌🏼

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