Leaves of Ink: Brain on Caffeine

Leaves of Ink: Brain on Caffeine by Mark Tulin
β€” Read on www.leaves-of-ink.com/2019/08/brain-on-caffeine.html

I am an author, poet, humorist, and short story writer from Palm Springs, California. I write about various topics, from my early childhood in Philadelphia to my years as a family therapist and finally to my soul-searching in California. These are poetic narratives that may have humorous or serious content or both. Either way, I hope my poetry and stories resonate with you.

7 comments on “Leaves of Ink: Brain on Caffeine

  1. Excellent portrait. I think “sputtering laptop from the Middle Ages” may lodge in my brain, despite all the over-caffeinated short circuits up there.

  2. I’m not quite sure what to make of this one–but maybe that’s the point!

  3. Caffeine is a drug, after all. Just the like the commercials with a frying egg. This is what caffeine can do to you. Ah, but that initial rush when needed. I’ll remember this poem tomorrow morning as I slurp down my much-needed second cup of coffee!

    • There used to be a comedy routine. Not sure if it was SNL but it was about this coffee head who was super wired. If anyone know the character and show, let me know. β˜•οΈβ˜•οΈ

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