Poem: Where Did Time Go

A slightly different version published inVirtual Library.

I walk down the street

looking at my reflection

in each car window.

I see a wrinkled face,

a bent-over body

and wonder if that’s

really me.

It was just a few short years ago

I walked on the same block,

looked in similar car windows

and saw a young girl in shorts

with long flowing hair

and a bounce in her gait.

21 thoughts on “Poem: Where Did Time Go

  1. Wow! Really loved this, Mark!! Even if I never say it out loud that is the thought that goes through my head when I look into mirrors and other reflectors! I know the answer for the big blocks of time but too many of the sands of time have slipped away to give a good reply. Wonderful post! Hope it is ok, to reblog this???

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