7 thoughts on “Crow Friday: Marching in Unison

  1. I have a fondness for crows, very intelligent creatures. I enjoyed this very much and now all I’m going to think of is a bird revolution when my yard is inundated with the ‘winged soldiers.’

  2. It’s funny until they really DO take over! Mwah ha ha ha!!! But seriously! I love crows! They are so beautiful, and as PTSD said, they are extremely intelligent! I saw a documentary a few years ago that had a study done over MANY generations of crows. They are out of the ballpark smart….they remember human faces and teach their children about certain types of people. Hand down information that is very specific for generations. Loved this post. Amazing! Thank You and Cheers!!!! 🙂

    1. I saw a crow recently sharpening a twig with its beak. I wondered what he was up to. I also saw that documentary and acknowledge the crows in my neighborhood with a friendly smile. I’m hoping if they take over, they will view me as one of the nice ones.

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