Poem: Careful Now

Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.

I’ll look straight ahead.

I won’t touch this transformer

Of man made power and energy

Because I’ve learned from others.

I’ve watched my sisters and brothers

Get burnt, sizzled to the bone

For I have the wisdom

Of experience,

The history

Of this treacherous utility pole.


Freelance writer, poet, yogi and photographer from Santa Barbara, California. I write and take pictures about a variety of topics, from my early childhood in Philadelphia, to my years as a family therapist, and finally to my soul-searching years in California. The things that move me may have a humorous or serious content or both. Either way, I hope my poetry, pictures and stories resonate with you.

2 comments on “Poem: Careful Now

  1. Theresa Ruiz

    Thanks for letting us know what these birds think about as they sit up there. I see them often. Do you think they have their own wisdom? They must with the perspective they have.

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