Tuesday’s Picture: Coming Out of the Cage

It’s safe and comfortable in my cage, but someday

I want to go outside into the fresh air,

sniff around, scamper, see what I could find,

learn, explore–maybe find something somewhere

that’s better than this old metal cage, full of bedding,

a few chew toys and a large spinning wheel.

Maybe there’s that one lonely rodent that I’ll meet,

a full-cheeked furry lady that is suited for me,

where my life won’t be so mundane, routine

going from the water bottle to the food pellets

that never seem to satisfy my insatiable hunger

or my thirst for something different.

I yearn for that one taste of freedom

where I could roam and burrow to a new way of living

without a hand following me.


One thought on “Tuesday’s Picture: Coming Out of the Cage

  1. I like the way you put a hamster’s point of view in focus. You need to see “A Dog’s Purpose”. That would match up exactly to what you wrote. Very cute!

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