Earth, Body, and Soul


Earth, Body, and Soul

I come to the mat humble,
born into this life with a single breath.

Wisdom and knowledge I seek
with each movement, with each pose.

Standing up straight, I reach for the sky,
smile up at the burning sun, the cloudy heavens.

The closer I move toward my universal center,
the more of nature’s rhythm I become.

Some days I float effortlessly, like the gentle fall of a leaf.
Other times all I want to do is lean back in child’s pose.

The body is my text that I write these words upon.
I write them in echoes, in whispers, twists and bends,

speak them carefully, shout them out loud.
I carry my experience on my shoulders,

compassion and motivation in my heart,
grounding my humanity with each step.

For more on the connection between body and the written work, check out my Hubpage, Three Similarities Between the Practice of Yoga and Poetry.

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