Five Thoughts on Five Poems


Clean and Simple:  Life doesn’t have to be a catastrophe, especially when you’re coming home from a yoga class and totally relaxed. No matter what happens in life, chill.

In and Out:  A hungry glimpse of life that lasts as long as a fleeting moment in a fast food restaurant.

Broken Strings:  Remorse may be triggered by anything. In this case by a tennis racket with broken strings.

Poem Surfing:  Surfing is a metaphor for a very prepared and focused life. Now I know why there are hundreds of surfers every Sunday morning along the Central Coast of California patiently waiting for the next wave.

At the Chapel:  It was a short and sweet wedding that involved two loving and attractive people with different health issues, each making the commitment to share two REI chairs for the rest of their lives on the beach of their choosing. Isn’t that the way it should be?

To read my five poems, go to the online poetry journal, FIVE. (Vol.4, No.3).

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