Getting Unstuck and Jumping Waves




We all manage to get stuck at one point or another. Its like when you wake up in the morning and your muscles are tight and your joints are stiff. You just have to get out of bed and move around a little.

Life is like that. One day you find yourself stuck in a bad mood or embroiled in a family problem or brought down from a job that’s not going well. You feel that your life is not happening the way you want.  You eventually find some way to get unstuck that is unique to your own needs, typically an activity that makes you feel that you’re making progress or moving in the right direction.

My mother used to light a candle and say a prayer when she felt stuck.

My father used to sell produce out of a truck.

My wife gets a good massage downtown.

My mother-in-law knits a hat and scarf for her grandchildren.

My father-in-law goes to the garage and builds something practical for himself or a family member.

Even my old cat, Yoshi, used to bake bread on my belly to get relief from the boring life of being a cat.

We all have our own way of dealing with feeling stuck. Somehow we find a way out of our rut so our mind and body can move freely again.  So we can get back our smile and swagger.

For more on this theme of getting unstuck, I welcome you to read my story in elephant journal about two stuck people, an aunt and her nephew, who go to Atlantic City each summer to jump waves and find wholeness in the ocean’s ebb and flow.

2 thoughts on “Getting Unstuck and Jumping Waves

  1. Yes, and thanks for making my Mom smile, too, Mark.

    As for me, I do the same thing if I had an opportunity. I love the flow and ebb of the tides in the ocean. I have another way when I can’t get to the beach.

    I stop and say a prayer and read from the Good Book. I also listen to music or go for a walk.
    And like my Mom, I take time out to knit or crochet something for friends and family alike. I do my best to recognize other people as “real” and outside of cyberspace by saying “hello” to strangers I meet when I go for my morning walk.

    The ocean reminds me of the flow of life as the waves come in and go out, just like the events of our life. And it also reminds of the one who created the Ocean and all that lives in them and who took the time to create me as well. When I leave it to His Willing and Loving Hands, I know life will flow along as well.

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