You are silent

without speaking

You are insightful

without inciting

You seem to know

without knowing

You are perceptive

without perceiving

You are snazzy

in your red bowtie

sitting softy

on your plush behind

silently flapping wings

Only your eyes

can tell the story

of a broken squeaker

coughing and wheezing

a neglected penguin

crying on a shelf.

For those who can’t get enough of Wheezy, check out my article, Candid Interview with Disney Superstar: Wheezy.

4 thoughts on “Wheezy

  1. You just started my day in the right way, Mark. Oh how I love to giggle as I read the article that’s linked to this thoughtful poem. So sweet. I’m so glad the “kids” have a good home with you and Alice. Say hello to them for me.

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