Two Poems: A Dog and Cat


Feral cat looking in

through a window screen

doesn’t see me

he gazes

through the open space

purrs a feline dream

wet-noses for something special

like fresh catnip

to roll in, instead

waits patiently

like a Buddha cat

feigning a human touch

and the sanguine fragrance

of a kind woman

pouring warm milk.


I cupped his tiny head

in my hands,

a  bony, chihuahua-skull

green eyes to doggy brown eyes

and I yelled jokingly,

“You’re Cwwazzy!”

just once

The dog was speechless

my voice ringing in his ears

exploring my motives

confused by the rude statement

I tightly held his head

until he showed his teeth

growled, snarled

smelled my breath

and said,

“you’re drunk,


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