Baseball Players Need to Clean Up Their Act



I don’t know many millionaires, but the ones that I do know are very clean.  They may be greedy, condescending and obnoxious, but they sure as hell aren’t dirty.  They keep up with their personal hygiene, gargling with Listerine at least once a day and they don’t grab their crotch in public and they certainly don’t launch “snot-rockets” near innocent bystanders.  You can say a lot about millionaires but the majority of them are not “filthy slobs.”

Unless you are referring to professional baseball players.

I have always wondered how professional baseball players with a ton of skill and training have developed into such slobs?

Was it the old time players who started these trashy behaviors?   It is widely known that some old timers used to curse a lot, drink beer during the games and eat hotdogs before they came to the plate?  I know Babe Ruth did it.  He was perhaps the greatest baseball player who ever lived and the most disgusting pig at the same time.

All you have to do is spend a little time in the dugout at a major league game and you will get repulsed beyond belief. I happened to peer into one during my excursion through various Cactus League stadiums last year. I sat next to a dugout and was mortified and almost lost my lunch.  They obviously don’t follow the rule of not shitting where you live, because those dugouts are full of crap.

You would have thought that their mothers would have taught them better.  They totally ignore the “trash in the trash can rule” and instead they toss their cans and paper cups and any other garbage onto the floor while a perfectly good trash can is in close proximity.

I’m sure their parents told them to spit or to blow their nose into a handkerchief or tissue.  So why is it that they wipe their saliva on their sleeve and spit their mucous wherever they please?  It certainly appears that baseball players feel that they have a right to be “messy douchebags”–just doing what “baseball players” do.

It’s like the French allowing their dogs to poop everywhere in public so the poor American tourists step on it.  What’s worse, these players make some poor underpaid manservant clean up after them, proving the fact that they are just a bunch of overpaid spoiled brats.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love baseball.  I also think that some baseball players are admirable.  But I just wish that the players had a little “charm school” training, that’s all.

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Freelance writer, poet, yogi and photographer from Santa Barbara, California. I write and take pictures about a variety of topics, from my early childhood in Philadelphia, to my years as a family therapist, and finally to my soul-searching years in California. The things that move me may have a humorous or serious content or both. Either way, I hope my poetry, pictures and stories resonate with you.

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