IMG_1149They all teased him

calling him crazy and retard Danny

a poor kid who was stabbed

5 times in the lumbar

paralyzed from the waist down

by the lunatic

in the school hallway

Years ago, a moment in time

when he was just an odd kid

with yellowing buck teeth

lunching on daisies

plucking scabby elbows

licking crusted lips

being called crazy and a retard

and his sister was a whore

and his mother was a drunk

and his father no one saw

and they lived on the corner

in a dirty junky house

with a mangy dog

Years later, another moment in time

no longer eating flowers

no longer licking crusted lips

no longer plucking scabby elbows

buck teeth no longer yellowing

because Danny killed himself

last year, by suicide

doused in gasoline

giving the middle finger to life

to all those teasing assholes

he lit himself on fire

in front of his junky house

with a drunken mother

and his whoring sister

and his mangy dog

and a father no one ever saw.

For more on poor Danny, read Child Teasing Comes Back to Haunt Me

2 thoughts on “Danny

  1. What a great read to have on a Monday morning! Wow. I can totally relate as I saw the same thing happen to a number of kids when I was growing up. The guilt will pass and your karma is safe as long as you do what’s right now. Part of that is writing that article for parents of kids who need to care more for them.

    Not being a mother, I can’t relate on that level. I can relate as a kid who was teased but not to the extent of that deep of a depression. I grew out of it and I allowed it to strengthen me. I found my own value eventually and that’s because I had parents who cared and loved me. Danny didn’t. How could his mother care for him if she was an alcoholic? She was too deep in her own disease to take care of her son, who needed someone to look out for him and get him the care he should have had. That’s where the stop should have happened, not with kids who didn’t know any better.

    It’s a shame when parents have kids that can’t take care of them. They are a gift from God as well as to keep the population up. Children should be nutured and educated to become better adults to serve one another and be part of God’s kingdom, not ignored or “thrown away” because the person that had them can’t handle them.

    My prayer now is that a parent who has a child that is challenged will read this article and protect them. The help is out there if the parent will reach out for it. Bullying needs to stop so parents also need to care about how their children treat others. They need to teach them better.

    1. Thanks, Theresa. Your comments are always insightful. Sometimes it takes something dramatic, like Danny setting himself on fire, to get us thinking about how we can be more sensitive to others.

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