She Knows What She Wants


Alice knows what she wants.

She doesn’t fool around.  When she enters See’s Candies in Santa Barbara, she is on a mission.

She is like James Bond, hot on the trail of secret confection.

No hesitation.

No reflection.

No fear.

It’s not a game.  She’s dead serious.  Hellbent on getting several cups of sugary goodness.  Quickly and efficiently.

It’s the milk chocolate peanut clusters, it’s the brittle, it’s all things chocolate and all things crunchy and caramel.  Her little white bag fills up in no time.  She’s at the register faster than the cashier.  She’s faster than a speeding truffle.

In a blink of an eye, the candies are already in her mouth and making their way into her belly and easing through the digestive process.

She’s a candy buyer after my own heart.

That’s why I love her.

Alice.  She knows what she wants.

For more on Alice and myself buying candy, read It’s Time for the Emergency Chocolate Run

2 thoughts on “She Knows What She Wants

  1. Again, if only I could reply to your article, Mark. Of course, I had to read it at the WRONG time…break time and not at lunch. Now I’m really hungry for some “good” chocolate. I totally get where you’re at. See’s is definitely California as Hollywood and Disneyland. It’s no wonder the stores are always full. I managed to get into one here in the Brea Mall, only for my grandparents as I know how much Grandma loves the chocolately goodness of See’s, especially the soft ones.

    You’re a man after my own heart, and I’m sure it’s one of the reasons why my sister feels the same way you do! I was happy to see the many benefits of chocolate, especially one that relates to my particular age group.

    Now…if only…I had the time to…get to the mall…for some See’s cholates. A guy would have a good chance with me if he were to offer me some of those goodies!

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