Will the real chatterbox please stand up?


One day at the gym, I saw some women yapping for what seemed like a very long time.  I thought to myself, that must be a female characteristic.  But the next day I saw two males doing the same thing.  So I threw out the label from the previous day and I am not sure who is the real chatterbox–men or women?

While it is true that some women talk a lot.  That doesn’t mean that all women are chatterboxes and that it is a characteristic of all women.

Some men are aggressive; they spit, wipe their nose on their sleeve and blow snot rockets from their nostrils.  That doesn’t mean that all men have disgusting habits.

It’s easy to stereotype people.  It’s easy to say that because so and so is a bad cop, then all cops are bad. It’s easy to label a group of people, a race, or a religious group one way and believe it.  Although it’s not politically correct to voice it.  The fact is that we are wrong about people most of the time and we don’t even realize it.

It is human nature to categorize things and people.  It is human nature to see things in a distorted way sometimes.  But it is also human nature to try and to improve ourselves.  One way to seek to improve is to Stop passing judgements on people.  It’s a good way to evolve as a person. But first we have to acknowledge that we are often the perpetrators of such judgements, and not the other person.

For more on Chatterboxes, read Are Women Really Chatterboxes or is that Another Female Stereotype?

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