Up In Smoke


Once the RedZone comes on

You forget about your life as you know it

It becomes one, big testosterone high

Or worse yet, your TV set becomes your bong

The announcer sounds like Cheech and Chong

As your television goes up in smoke

Clouding up your living room

Like an opium den

As the halfback runs to the 20, 15, 10

Crossing the end zone time and again

Doing psychedelic somersaults

Cerebellum crashing back flips

Jarring, bone-crunching hits

Hair-raising spirals that touch the sun

Signing autographs with an EpiPen

After every touchdown scored

From every game, at the same time

Sundays, during the National Football League season.

More on the RedZone, fashion and Charles Dickens, check out Say Yes to the RedZone!

2 thoughts on “Up In Smoke

  1. You know, Alice was so proud of the article she sent a link for it. I love the poem though. It’s a fun read and gave me a bit respite from the hectic day I’m experiencing here at work. I loved what you wrote and I can see the parallel in it. I experience the opposite and I live with it. Thankfully the choices made for me are just as enjoyable.

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