Images of a drought

Brown, dried up land surrounding a prison in Northern California

Dry, parched, cracked, and splitting land that once was smooth and covered with grass now crumbles below my feet.

A large body of water that needed a secure dam to keep contained, now a lonely puddle of water.

Once a filled-to-the-brim reservoir, now damp and full of bird prints.

Fallen trees, dried-out wood becomes the perfect kindling for wild fires, where hundreds of firefighters risk their lives to try and put out.

The fires rage on in the hills where you can smell the burning embers and see the sky light up in orange and red.

Mountains so dry they turn brown and cry out to the heavens for a drink of water.

Trees that once were green, tall and healthy are now gnarled and bent over like old men.

Tree branches cracking-off and falling to the sidewalk like dead pigeons collapsing from the sky.

Streams and creeks drying up; now looking like a rock garden with trash and debris.

Water in reservoirs getting lower and lower with each passing dry, sunny moment.

Farmers becoming paupers and digging up dried out orange and lemon trees and wondering what they can do with their barren fields.

The cows have no where to graze on the grassless fields and they become dehydrated and gradually keel over.

Wildlife–mountain lions, goats, deer, bears–search for water so they move out of their natural habitat to nearby homes, towns and highways looking for water and food.

The land cries out for help.  The farmers all huddle together and pray.  The universe opens up her arms and heart and a single teardrop falls from the sky.

The drought continues.

For more on the California drought–2014, please read my article, The Night it Rained in California.

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