I don’t go to movies anymore


I don’t go to movies anymore for various reasons.  There’s so much to do in Santa Barbara and being indoors in a dark room seems like a waste of a good day.

I much rather be in the sunlight on the beach or walking along State Street.  Or perhaps the movies out there just don’t appeal to me or reel me in.  Movies are expensive nowadays and if I pay 10 bucks, I wanna be excited about the movie and can’t wait to see it.

Things have changed since I was a kid growing up in Northeast Philly, where there were three movie theaters in walking distance from me and my friends.

On the weekend, we were sure to catch a movie.  Was it the Tyson Movie, where Dracula was playing or was it the Castor where Children of the Dead was sure to scare the bleep out of everyone.  It was so cheap back then that we didn’t think about the cost.

We bought candy at Woolworth’s and then went into the movies with a bunch of friends, teased some girls in the front row and had a helluva time.  It wasn’t just about the movie, it was a social event.  It was a time to do silly things, like blow spitballs at people or mess around with the ushers by bringing a pizza into the theater.  It was boys misbehaving and just having fun.

Innocent fun.

Now onto a more serious note.  Here are two articles about movies on HubPages (clink on the highlighted links) about a favorite scene of mine in You Can’t Take it With You.  And then I talked about movies with a actor/therapist in the starring role, Five Movies That Would Challenge Any Therapist.

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